dear 20 year old self on this, your day of birth,

Monday, July 31, 2017

First off, Happy Birthday!
You're looking cute for 2 decades old!
We did it kid— 27! And guess what? You made it through hell and back and are still standing. You graduated college! Got a job in the shittiest economy ever! You now have a corgi named Teddy, your own apartment, a new car! You got to see The Shins live, Kate Spade at NYFW, the Eiffel Tower and the Hollywood sign in person! You’ve traveled to different states and countries. You went blonde! You punched Paul in the face! You, literally, lived every dream that you had right at this very 20-year old moment.
You fought for every single thing you wanted, and while you may not have won every battle, you survived every one that you needed to, and even got a few added bonuses (and lessons) along the way. 

The people sitting beside you tonight may not be the ones at your side 7 years from now, but there are a couple who are— and they’re the best people you could ever have next to you along this crazy as fuck ride of life (seriously, you’d NEVER believe where the world is).
The ONLY survivors! Seriously, they deserve lots of medals for being around this long. 

If you’re wondering where older you is at now: You’re currently having lots and lots of fun with a very cute boy that you’re seeing (while figuring out this weird ass dating world as you go along. Like are you single? Single-ish? Exclusive? What does that even mean? Who knows? But just know that you are having lots of sex and enjoying yourself and not thinking too much about the crap you would if you had dated at 20 [or what you were ACTUALLY thinking about at 20. Phew.] And, also mom still reads this blog so, sorry for the lovely sex life info, mom!).

You’re currently trying new things, rediscovering old things and being pretty awful at a bunch of other stuff (but are learning that’s all okay). All in all, you're still figuring things out as you go.

Things didn’t exactly turn out like you had planned. Things got hard and some dreams didn’t come true. The world didn’t follow the rules you’d believed they would. But for someone who doesn’t know how to swim, you sure know how to keep your head above water.

I'll do my best to keep making us both mighty proud during this next lap around the sun (and maybe even spend a little bit of time this year ACTUALLY learning how to swim... amongst the rest of your very long list of to-do's. Some things never change.).

27 year old (less cute, but hopefully wiser) you

Wishing for the strength from a thousand suns to not go off the deep end this year.
Just kidding, clearly wishing for a smaller ass :)

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