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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Big News!

So, a ton has happened since I last wrote!
  • I got a new job that I'm starting this week-- a totally unplanned, not-even-looking, is this real life kind of situation. So this week I'm packing up my fashion & beauty duds, putting on my big girl pants and heading to RGA--aka the big leagues-- to work on a major brand. The au revoir to my French beauty brand, social media baby and amazing team is going to be/has been a hard one!
  • Frank & I are going to Paris! You know, my mecca and the object of my affection since probably 2005? Yeah, that Paris! We head out to the city of lights for a week at the end of August and I am still in total and utter denial that it is actually going to happen... 
  • My coif is freshly cut + my transformation into a 1950's housewife is damn near complete-- just kidding! But I do have some pretty amazing bangs (which I am shamelessly addicted to)-- check them out in my new profile picture in the right sidebar! Cute, eh?
  • And speaking of new looks-- after a handful of crazy layouts over the years, CE&TH finally feels like I how I'd always imagined it could be + involving some of my favorite things! I can thank my first double shot of espresso in days + total, utter boredom for finally getting me off of my bum to work on it!
It appears that I've got a TON of catching up to do after this mighty long hiatus + I am so excited to share everything with you guys! 

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