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Monday, May 25, 2015

Buy a miniature moon cactus!
Moon Cactus
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed last week-- grumpy attitude and all-- until my friend Alison took me to a florist where they had something I've wanted for quite sometime now-- moon cacti. I'd spotted one about a year ago (though at a fancy florist just off a 5th Avenue near Flatiron in NYC, where they were $20+ for one) and had been coveting them on Etsy ever since.
So I decided, grumpy Gus self and all, that today would be the day that I'd finally get one.
And it has been the best decision ever! Not only did it put me into a fantastic mood, but it totally reignited my creative spirit (who has been on an indefinite leave of absence for quite sometime now)! And, let's be honest, who could remain unhappy while photographing a mini cactus all J.Crew-style? Not this girl.
moon cactus
If you're looking for a super low-maintenance, yet adorable and happy houseplant-- moon cacti are a great alternative to flora. If you're a forgetful gal like me, having to only water a plant every few days and not worry about crazy Spring temperature changes make these babies are your BFF.
And, I won't lie, it kind of is! Now I'm officially on the hunt for an adorable pot to put this cutie in-- and who knows, maybe I'll even give em' a name!

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