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Saturday, January 03, 2015

This past weekend Frank and I took my new pair of Meduse Jumpy boots out into the woods for a spin. And within a short amount of time I was in love. They're a dead ringer for my favorite black pair of Chelsea boots that I've been wearing all winter, and are just as comfy.

Oh, did I mention that they're actually rain boots?

1001% rainy day proof adorableness. That means adventure without bulky boots, and fashion with function (and a ton of fun thrown in there, too). Meduse is a brand rooted in being fun, daring, and creative (they actually created the jelly shoe-- you know, those shoes you lived in as a kid), so it only makes sense that their footwear is, too. Don't you find it to be such a refreshing take on the usual dreary, rainy days?

And let me tell you how fun it is the jump around on an outfit shoot. Even better, I'll show you.
This was me in between takes of me getting jumpy with my Jumpy boots.
I've never smiled/laughed/had so much fun before.

Trying to get the perfect jumping photo is not only hysterical (add winter cold and you have a serious challenge), but the combination of me trying to get my short legs off the ground while not looking frightening/awkward was a sight to see. I usually clam up on photo shoots that have someone behind the camera (or try to look solemn and off into the distance because that is the high-fashion way, non?) but this was so much more fun!
And in the super fun spirit of Meduse, I'm passing along the jumpy baton. You can win a pair of these fantastique Jumpy boots (they come in other adorable colors) by snapping and sharing your best mid-air jump on social!
Here are the rules: Simply take your best mid-air shot, upload to Instagram or Twitter, hashtag #GetJumpy and tag @MeduseOriginal and a pair could be yours (and, trust me, you can take on the world in these bad boys). Submit your picture by January 15th and make sure to vote on Meduse's Facebook page from January 16-22 to win. That's it!
Now go #GetJumpy! (And please tell me in a comment how much fun you have when you do!)

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