the red sweater.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

One piece of clothing that I haven't had in my closet for almost a decade: a red sweater.
I've been a Catholic school girl my entire life, meaning that I've worn a uniform more days than I haven't. It took me years to start wearing dress shirts again (let alone skirts), but red sweaters-- something subconsciously always stops me from purchasing one.

I wore one (a red sweatah, as our Dean liked to call them) almost every single school day for 4 years-- a pullover for 3 years and a cardigan for my last-- both over-sized hand-me-downs from my sister who, 7 years my senior, liked to rock them baggy. Imagine tiny little me in a gigantic red v-neck cardigan, skirt past my knees and black Easyspirit sneakers (I was nicknamed 'Nonna' by senior year) paired with a messy hair bun and not an inch of makeup and, well, you have my high school years.
High School Me
Just in case your imagination didn't take you there.
Look at that collar!
The last time I wore a red sweater was at a funeral mass for the vice principal a few months after I graduated high school, and since then I haven't looked at them. Or, rather, straight through them. Red lipstick, shoes, accessories, nail polish--I'm all about them but, I suppose after being forced to wear red sweaters for such a long period of time, it only makes sense that I still choose not to.
But as the winter months grow closer, I wonder if this'll be the year that I finally break down and buy one--this time, in a size that actually fits.

Is there any piece of clothing you simple cannot wear because you over-wore it at some point in your life?

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