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Monday, September 08, 2014

Thanks to my amazing job, I've had the luxury to not only attend a few shows during Fashion Week, but to also be backstage. On Saturday I attended an amazing presentation at Milk Studios, took pictures backstage beforehand, and then attended all of the other shows that were on the same floor (it was beyond an amazing experience). I also had a total fan girl moment where I got into an elevator with Audrey Kitching, who was literally behind the photographer I was working with. So I just kind of stood there and freaked out internally while everyone else didn't seem to notice. Or if they did, acted too cool to care.
The people I'd attended with even seemed kind of over the whole FW thing, as if it were more than a nuisance than this amazing time where all of these talented people present their work to the world and everyone looks on, anticipating the next big thing and-- for us mere mortals-- inspiration for our future closets.
And on one hand, I totally get it. After you've worked 12 hour days for months in anticipation of these 2 weeks-- and then work even harder + weekends for another 2 weeks during-- it does become a pain in the ass. I worked on Friday night until 9pm, then ran around nonstop before the show on Saturday and will admit to being cranky. But that didn't mean that the second that I got into a taxi on the way there that I didn't totally feel like the luckiest girl alive, and thinking "how did I land this again?!" as I bypassed the crowd of people outside.
But on the other hand, I know what it's like to wish you were there. I was that girl a year ago-- and just about every year before that since discovering that things like Fashion Week existed. And I don't care if I get to do this for 1 season or 100, my eyes are still going to light up at the sight of an amazing collection come together after experiencing hair and makeup tests and watching the designer running about beforehand. And I'm still going to freak out when I realize that the girl a foot away from me is someone I follow on Instagram. But perhaps, by then I'll have enough nerve to actually say something.
Until then, I'll do my best to just be cool. And by cool I mean look at everything in absolute wonder and excitement (whilst freaking the hell out on the inside). 

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