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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Since reading #GirlBoss, I've gotten back into reading-- a luxury I haven't been able to indulge in for quite sometime due to the inability to focus and an anxious, overactive mind. I grabbed Breakfast at Tiffany's whilst running out the door on Thursday morning by sheer whim, and finished it the next day. You could imagine my surprise, finishing it before my train even arrived at my station, after a year or so of not even being able to get through a full page without my mind wandering off. I've even taken up reading in the morning on the train-- which actually isn't as painful for me as I'd thought it to be-- on the subway, and sometimes even at lunch. I'd forgotten how enjoyable getting lost in a story could be.
I've since started The Great Gatsby-- which is no where near as forgiving as its predecessors (not sure if it's because of Fitzgerald's writing style or the fact that I've seen the movie too many times) and am happy at the possibility that the stack of books in my closet may see the light of day. Or, at least the fluorescent lighting of the train.

Are you reading anything magnificent? Share in a comment & I may just pick it up!

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