the perfect petite dress.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Remember my spotlight on the petite clothing line made by a petite of the same name, Carolina Alvo? Well, this powerful petite is back to get the word out about--and funding for-- her perfect dress, The Kathleen. 
If you're a tiny fashionista looking for the most Hepburn-esque, go-with-everything dress and just can't seem to find it-- this is your saving grace! You can pick your size and, the best part, your hem length (meaning no more down to your ankles/awkward, leg shortening hemlines). I personally got to see it both on the hanger & worn by Carolina herself and, I won't lie-- it's literally the perfect LBD (with a LWD version, too).

And after months of getting the perfect dress, well, perfect, Carolina has started a Kickstarter to complete their first production run! They are 1/3rd of the way to their goal and are looking to reach it by the end of this month.
Whether you're a lover of amazing design, brands with a purpose, or just short, fashionable ladies, please become a backer and make a pledge. And if you're a fashionable petite looking for a next-to-custom stunner for your wardrobe, The Kathleen is being offered at a Kickstarter-exclusive price (20% off)!
Now go show how powerful petite really is (and wear that backer shirt with pride-- because who doesn't love short girls?)!

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