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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm sure that I'll be kicking myself once the cooler weather comes around, but I cannot wait until fall is upon us. To be entirely honest, I haven't even been trying to expand my summer wardrobe. Between dressing in layers for work (the AC is on full blast all day long) and my living quarters feeling like the 7th circle of hell, I'm eagerly awaiting a happy, temperate medium, equipped with more pant-wearing and less sweating. And with summer Fridays ending in just 3 short weeks, I'm on my way to getting my wish.
I've been oohing and ahhing over A/W collections for quite sometime now, but talking about coats with 90 degree weather outside hardly seemed appropriate! Now that summer is coming to a close (am I the only one who feels it in the air?), I couldn't resist sharing the autumnal wardrobe essentials I cannot wait to start sporting next season. Without further ado, my top 3 picks (I'm sure #3 will just plain shock you): 
Top Fall 2014 Wardrobe Essentials

What are you excited to wear in the upcoming season?

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