jazz age lawn party.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Jazz Age Lawn Party is a 1920's themed fete on NYC's Governor's Island that occurs two weekends out of the summer. It's equipped with food, drinks, small market booths of the vintage persuasion, and is equipped with a full authentic jazz orchestra (Michael Arnella and his Dreamland Orchestra, to be exact) who sponsor the completely amazing event. And, after 2 years of wanting to make the trek over to the Island to fulfill my Chicago-esque, 1920's-loving dream, I finally made it! 

Even though it was the first time Chelsea, my cousin Danielle, and myself were going to the event, it was easy to figure out where to go: simply follow the array of flappers and proper gents to our time warp. Even though the ferry was loaded with dressed up guys and gals, nothing prepared us for how spectacular the event truly was. Upon stepping inside of the Lawn Party's gates we were instantly transported back 100 years. Everyone was dressed to the nines in 1920's attire; girls paraded with parasols while their male counterparts donned suspenders and flattop hats as naturally as jeans and a tshirt. I was stunned and in love throughout the rest of the afternoon--and already began planning with these two ladies for next year's Lawn Party!
michael-arnella-and-his-dreamland-orchestra corinne-jazz-age-lawn-party 
Oh, look who it is! :)
gatsby-jazz-age-lawn-party chelsea 
Chelsea looking adorable!
pie-contest-jazz-age-lawn-party danielle 
Danielle was the cutest!
singer-jazz-age-lawn-party dancing-couple-jazz-age-lawn-party  
The most fun I've had in so long!
bonnie and clyde 
Was fan girling over this couple since spotting them at the ferry! Her outfit was amazing!
couple-jazz-age-lawn-party fascinators

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