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Thursday, August 28, 2014

I don't know about you ladies, but every once and a while I get a gigantic urge to chop off all of my hair. And the urge gets a thousand times worse if I see an amazing haircut. In the past, I'd have already chopped off my locks without a second thought (and have far too many times), but have become hesitant since growing out my hair and getting it to the perfect blonde hue--a feat that has taken almost 2 years. So lately all I've been doing is pinning amazing cuts to my Hair board on Pinterest and convincing myself that I can and will chop it... one day.

If I only had the nerve I'd head to the salon this weekend and get an asymmetrical chop! Or, perhaps a Marilyn-esque cut... I'm more than positive that I'd have haircutters remorse no matter what the case, but it is tempting when I think of the shortened hair washing time and new morning routine that would come with my new do. Decisions, decisions.
Short Asymmetrical bob Haircut

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