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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Cat Eyes and Thigh Highs x Vienne Milano
Vienne Milano contacted me about trying out a pair of their thigh highs-- and how in the world could I resist? They're a brand specializing in this blog's namesake (with the title of having the largest collection in the world under their belt)-- and all of their products come straight from one of my most beloved places on the planet: Italy. Seriously, match made in heaven! Needless to say, I responded pretty quickly.

They sent me two gorgeous pairs in their adorable purple box (which doubles as thigh high storage--amazing) and, I won't lie-- I love them. My favorite is this adorable striped pair! They were so much fun to wear and made me feel very Bardot!
Cat Eyes and Thigh Highs x Vienne Milano
To me, thigh highs are the ultimate vintage sex appeal-- they've got all of the prim and proper air of a regular pair of tights but that little added oh la la when your skirt/dress flows in the wind Marilyn-style. Unfortunately, being that I'm not the tallest gal, making that je ne sais quoi happen can be a little challenging--most pairs are usually too long and sometimes the right length means settling for a pair that is uncomfortably tight (VS, I'm looking at you!).
I've had very few pairs work out, but these are by far the best! You actually have the option to choose your size like a pair of good old fashioned tights: height x weight, meaning that you don't need to be a giant (or even average size) to rock a little sexiness above the knee. Petite gals, we've found a savior in the hosiery department!
Cat Eyes and Thigh Highs x Vienne Milano
Cat Eyes and Thigh Highs x Vienne Milano striped thigh highs
Cat Eyes and Thigh Highs x Vienne Milano Striped Thigh Highs
After all of these years of being a good Catholic school girl, I've become a skirt roller!
Cat Eyes and Thigh Highs x Vienne Milano
Seriously, the second winter hits this is going to be a huge problem-- they have cashmere thigh highs. Do you know what this means?!

If you're looking to up your hosiery ooh la la or expand you thigh high collection, check out their selection on, or have 10 friends join their social rewards program and get a pair for free!

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