the july challenge.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

the july challenge
Yeap, you read that right! 
I am vowing to not buy a single clothing item this month-- not a dress or shorts or shoes or anything. Now, to you guys this may not seem difficult, but for some reason whenever I try to save up, ridiculous sales and deals appear. You try resisting 60% off sale at Ann Taylor and get back to me if you disagree!
So, this time around I'm vowing to stick to it no matter how amazing that price is or how much I'm obsessing, and get creative and utilize the tons of stuff that I do own!

I've purchased a ton these past 6 months-- and I'm sure my unused clothes & financial accounts will thank me come August!

Other than this being a challenging month, it's also my (and various other awesome people I know and love's) birthday month! By this time next month I'll be 24 and summer will be on its way out. When the heck did life go into hyperspeed?
Happy July 1st!

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