monday, bloody monday.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday? Again? Noooooo!

Yesterday I was exhausted just thinking about today.
Last week absolutely destroyed my brain. From a total meltdown on Thursday night (I was given less than a day to come up with over 50 content ideas, plus creative and copy... ha!) to Friday morning's 2-hour commute to work thanks to someone pulling the emergency break on the subway (after an already 40 minute delay). Needless to say, I just about ran out of my office at 2pm on Friday. It wasn't until I had food in my tummy, pajama pants on and was lying in bed for a few hours that my brain felt like it had started to regenerate from the wet cake it had become over the past 2 days.
Can you blame me for dreading today?
Hopefully this week is different. Or at least less... eye-rolling ridiculous.

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