Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's basically been going on this past week.
Sorry for the lack of updates!
I always feel guilty when I don't update. But I feel like a lot of the blogosphere has been on hiatus. Maybe it's a summer transition. Maybe it's me creating excuses. Maybe it's both :)

Between my attempts at being a morning person and going to bed early (with prepping for the next day and eating and showering and all that in between) it's been an adjustment. A time sucking, soul crushing adjustment.
I wholeheartedly kid.
But being new is kinda hard. And being new-- and not being good at remembering faces-- has been a challenge. I introduced myself to someone who I'd already met... that sits a table away. And also responded to "you must be Corinne, I'm ___" with "Hi! I'm Corinne." They all probably think I'm a natural blonde by this point.

Not knowing what is expected is also a huge hurdle I'm trying to get over at the moment. I'm the new person in the office and lots of people are looking to me for insight into social media (it's new territory for them and I'm the only one with professional experience in it) but without being well-versed in the standards, culture, and anything more than a quick client brief, I feel like I'm going in totally blind, despite my knowledge. So I'm doing my best badgering to figure it out before I get left behind in this very fast paced environment (and preparing my best 'deer-in-headlights' impression). On your mark, get set, GO!

But I can't complain. It's only been a week and I think I'm doing well considering the serious change. Days are longer, brain function is at full power from 9am until I step onto the train home, and vacation is absolutely nowhere in sight. I'd be lying if I said I didn't need it.
And it shows. I've been in flats and not so fashionable clothing-- primarily because it's easier to throw on and run out of the door in the morning-- and very little to do with me planning my outfits (I haven't been). The ladies in my office are insanely fashionable, which only makes me feel worse. Tsk, tsk.

Also, if someone could buy me like, a month's supply of blowouts from DryBar, that would be greeeat. My hair is a humid mess of unstyled, frizzy grossness and I'm debating whether or not to make Saturday blowouts a thing. Anything less than great hair is a disservice to my perfectly shaded head.
Le sigh.

Other than that, my only focus has been sleep. And lots of it. Most of it has been completely unsuccessful-- I feel like I only sleep from 6am to when I have to get up. Hopefully learning how to navigate the espresso machine at work will come in handy. Fingers crossed!
I promise to have actual entries next week. As in, Frank threw his back out but we're still doing a gosh darn photoshoot tomorrow if I have to tie him to a piece of wood. Dedication and lack of sleep at its finest!
xx Corinne

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