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Monday, June 09, 2014

I've never been a fan of gladiator sandals. My opinion used to consist of: 1. you're not a gladiator going into battle and, 2. who in the world has time for all of of those freakin' straps?. Basically this.
Well, my mind was totally blown when I saw a girl on the train wearing this amazing pair of gray snakeskin gladiators with this bright blue/violet toe nail polish. They looked, surprisingly, pretty and super edgy. I only saw them for a moment or two before heading off the train but, honestly, I had never obsessed over a pair of sandals-- nay, gladiator sandals, so much. And although I have yet to find the exact pair-- which just popped in such a pretty way-- it had definitely opened up my mind to the trend (about 13 seasons too late but, who's counting).
I've since been on the hunt for the perfect pair (& may have bought a pair over the weekend during a moment of weakness). Here are some of my favorite picks to keep you entertained on the trend (see what I did there?):

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