pre-weekend update.

Friday, June 20, 2014

This week has been a whirlwind to say the absolute least! So many emotions, lots of running about, new beginnings. Let's start from the, er, start, shall we?
Tuesday marked my final day of working at my job of a year and a half. It was a very surreal, strange, awkward-ish day. I hate when things end, especially when people I love are involved (and they always are). There were almost tears at the end but I recooped and instantly was on to the next thing-- like a blow out at DryBar. You know, the important stuff.
Cat eye glasses + blowout
Just kidding.
[But it was a good blowout! & look at those new glasses!]
My coworkers (well, friends) were adorable and pulled out all of the stops: lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant, a cake and mini  pastries, and even some French macarons for me to take home.
Pastries - miniAuvoir cakeFrench Macarons

On Wednesday we had to bring my old cat Spooky to the vet, and his new brother, the stray kitty that he so very much dislikes (who you may have seen on Instagram; Frank & I are calling him Jax but my parents are still wishy-washy on a name). Jax was sick and Spooky, well, he just decided to scare the crap out of all of us and stop eating and drinking for absolutely no reason. He's 1001% fine (literally, his levels are perfect across the board and all tests have cleared) but the vet suspects it has a lot to do with jealousy over his new sibling. Ironically enough, we bought Jax for him.

And Thursday I began my new job, without a moment to spare. I yawned through 3/4ths of the day, arrived home to my beau of 10 years (yeap, it was our anniversary!) by 7:30 and was out cold by 10. In between me arriving home and passing out was an amazing homemade dinner by Mr. Stillo himself, a dozen roses to greet me, a brief walk, and the world's smallest and most expensive ice cream.
First day of workAnniversary roses

The new job is, well, new. I can already tell that it's fast-paced and, like one of my supervisors, without a filter and dressed in designer. Ladies & gents, I've made it to the big leagues.

So what's next on the agenda for me? Enjoying my weekend earlier than usual! Summer Fridays are actually a thing companies do and, despite me most likely having to stay late on most Fridays in the future, I'm glad I at least have a few extra hours to hang about today because I'm beat. I slept straight through the night but am exhausted-- 5pm nap anyone?

Anywho, Happy Weekend!

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