Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kate Spade Picnic
I love relaxing on long weekends, but considering that it rarely happens, I tend to enjoy the illusion of it more. Like this weekend, which consisted of a spontaneous, last minute move of the rest of my prized possessions over to the boyfriend's house. The entire operation which was pretty hard, to say the least. But after everything was finally in place-- my almost 50 pairs of shoes, my long lost boyfriend pillow, massive amounts of clothes I forgot that I even had, accessories, necessities, and pictures of my family-- I finally felt complete. Not to mention that, despite everything that I had to do and Frank feeling under the weather, we finally busted out the camera and made some magic happen (with gratuitous high-fives to follow). Overall, a weekend well spent.

Lemon Dress Picnic
Picnic 4

Dress: KSNY
Pumps: Ann Taylor
Picnic Blanket: Target

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