bright & shiny.

One of my first big shoe purchases was a pair of metallic gold loafers from Steve Madden. They were chock full of gold sequins and one of the most uncomfortable shoes I'd owned at the time-- but they literally went with everything
J.Crew reminded me a few seasons ago about how versatile and neutral metallic could be and I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair (within my price range) ever since. Lucky for me, I've been finding some great options from unexpected places. Now the only question is, which one?
Metallic Shoes

If money were no option which one of these metallic beauties would you buy? Tell me in a comment!


  1. I love that first pair! I've had my eye on a pair of metallic pumps from J. Crew for what feels like forever. But sadly, they have yet to go on sale to a point where I could actually afford them!

    1. Same here about J.Crew! The heel option in this entry looks similar and is from White House Black Market (which I just recently perused online) and is about half the price! I destroy shoes so dropping almost 300$ on them would never sit well with me haha!
      xx Corinne

  2. I love the animal face one; it's so cute! Ha ha, you're sure to get a lot of looks wearing those!

  3. I'm loving the last two! I just forwarded the link to a blogger who loves little mouse flats.

  4. Love the last two…I need some silver shoes!

  5. Definitely the cute Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse flats! haha! Kim tweeted me the link, if they were still in stock in my size..they'd be mine! I have a bit of a collection of the mouse flats, really comfy. I don't have a metallic silver pair though, although I love my gold pair. Or loved, before my giant pregnancy feet made them impossible to wear :P

    Away From Blue

  6. Totally agree, metallics are a neutral as far as i'm concerned!

    xx Hélène

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  9. An easy choice - the last pair, as I think they would be so versatile. Metallics are also perfect for summer holidays.