a glass of lemonade.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lemon print is all the rage this spring. I first spotted the trend and the lemon dress in Kate Spade's Spring 2014 RTW show and fell in love. When the collection hit stores I tried it on in person and was sold-- literally.
A half an hour before their Friends and Family sale ended, I remembered, sat up straight in bed and --teeter-tottering on the edge of uncertainty--nudged Frank awake, asking if I should make the big purchase. He assured me, half asleep, that I "could always return it."
The second I had it in my hands, fresh out of the box a week later, I knew it wasn't going anywhere.

If you're not as invested in the lemon trend as I am (or just not crazy enough to shell out the dough), here are a few frugal options I've stumbled across in my online shopping adventures that will add just as much zest into your closet (oh, lemon puns).


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