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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Wow! How is it already Thursday?! Some weeks just fly! 
Anywho, today I'm here to talk about my newest obsession: overalls. Yes, they may be very 1930's painter-esque (or very reminiscent of 2001 Britney/Justin with all of that denim)- and in the past I've literally gotten rid of pairs because of their less than fashionable appearance-- but boy are they simply adorable when dressed up! I won't lie, compared to other fashionistas, I'm pretty low key and focus more on mixing up classic pieces than true experimentation with new, out of the ordinary pieces (i.e. you will probably never find me in neon or cutout boots). But this is the second time I've seen an overall outfit that I love (I mean this in both senses of the word) and I may have just been sucked in. The other outfits involved a crocheted top (with pretty bra peeking through) on a summer day and Ferragamos and a cardi. Seriously, bravo. 
Here are my top picks if you've also been snagged by this comfy trend. My eye is definitely on that distressed pair! 

Clockwise: Distressed | Relaxed 1 & 2 | Short

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