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Monday, March 17, 2014

Life has been very 10 steps forward, 25 steps back lately. And its hard to stay optimistic when the second you see happiness/your finish line on the horizon that life takes a quick left turn toward the scenic route (or breaks down and now you're left with starting all over again from the beginning). I'm a person that works hard to make things happen-- and if things aren't happening despite my efforts, I simply don't know what to do. Because, really, what else is there to do when you've exhausted all of your efforts?

My life has been going through some big changes and, I won't lie, it's taken some serious adjusting. Like adjusting to the fact that despite being THIS CLOSE to it actually beginning, life-- independent, "this is my life" life-- won't really start for probably another few years. And a permanent living situation that lacks madness and anxiety probably won't either. That being the first to do something doesn't mean you'll get it first. And that sometimes trying your hardest isn't enough in the real world. 

But once the adjustment period ends, and life calms down, and you've slept and contemplated and gone absolutely bonkers, you realize that, well, it isn't so bad. The world isn't ending-- or, at least, isn't over, but rather, has simply slowed down a bit. And all the better for you to catch up with!

I won't lie, I've been feeling absolutely crushed. And hopeless. And lacking the warrior woman spirit I usually possess. So, dear readers, if you've taken your millionth step back and think that you just can't go any further, realize that life is one big dance and, right now, we're only doing the cha cha!

The song will end, but for now, just enjoy the music.

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