moriarty monday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

If you've ever been to my Tumblr - or, probably most of my social media pages - you'll know that I'm a HUGE Sherlock BBC fan. And my favorite character of the entire series is the dark haired, devilish villain Moriarty. I'm not sure if it's the immense amount of crazy that Andrew Scott brings to the screen, or the fact that his character challenges Sherlock like few others can, but I was absolutely crushed when he reached his end during last season's finale.
If you haven't watched the show GET ON IT! I was so hesitant because of Benedict Cumberbatch (at the time he was the it guy and before seeing any of his work I had no idea why), but after giving it a go have become obsessed with it.

Let me know if you're giving it a go in a comment below!

**Season 3 Spoilers Ahead!**


I was literally jumping up and down like a crazy person when he appeared at the end (and when I found this spoiler gif on Tumblr as we waited for the episode to go online). How psyched are you fellow Sherlockians for season 4? If only it weren't 2 year away!

Obsess with me over on Twitter and let me know what you think Moriarty will be up to! 

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