blown away: the babyliss pro review.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm a pretty frugal gal (you know, poor girl status and all), but will not hesitate to pay a little more to get a great product that does its job. So when Frank's blow dryer died (out of nowhere-- at 8am on a weekday) and I'd curled my hair for the 12 millionth time, I decided to do a little research into buying a new one. And I almost did at the Harmon's Discount Beauty store near my house. Nothing crazy, just a $30-something Revlon one; it was pink, it would do the job. But I hesitated and decided that I'd a little bit of research before buying-- mostly because I was wondering how in the world someone could spend $$$ on a blow dryer. Here's what I found out:

There are blow dryers out there that can actually make your hair less frizzy and shinier-- literally. Yeah, I didn't believe it either. At my house, my parents never paid more than $30 for a blow dryer, and I was used to-- no matter what technique I tried--the beastly, Lion King hair I'd been given. I'd bought every kind of brush, used every kind of cream-- and no change whatsoever, just the fact that I had to wash/blow dry my hair the night before to look even close to appropriate. The only time that my hair didn't look like a hot mess was when my hairdresser would dry it to perfection at the salon. Oh, if only I were rich enough to have her live with me!

After going between a few brands I stumbled upon one with almost 5 stars and 100+ positive reviews (many stating it changed their life). After a few days of pondering it over and much debate, I coughed up $60 for the Babyliss Pro off of Amazon.

Turns out, those reviews don't lie! I was literally in shock, even as I blow-dried my hair. Despite not having clips to properly section off my hair, it still turned out insanely smooth and almost entirely frizz-free when I was complete. I also didn't sweat to death doing it and noticed that my usual split-ended tips didn't look at all damaged (both situations being the norm with just about every hair dryer I've ever used)! I literally couldn't stop touching my hair.
It's just too good to not share a picture-- even in my Hello Kitty robe!

So it's official, I'm a total pricey blow dryer convert! And proud!
If you're looking to pick up and try out this amazing hair wizardry for yourself, you can purchase the exact same model that I did here.

Do you have a pricey beauty product that you swear by? Let me know in a comment!

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