the most wonderful time.

There really is something magical about the Christmas season. Every year it comes in with the scent of crisp winter air and woodburning stoves (and the mad adrenaline rush to get the perfect gifts in less than a month), and by the end of the year, despite how much nonsense occurs with it, I'm always unhappy to watch-- and feel-- it go. Parties, baking, wrapping a mountain of gifts piled in the corner, an excuse to snuggle up and dress in cashmere; no wonder it's called the most wonderful time of the year! (And here's to hoping that it stays that way... without snow!)
So over the next few weeks, up until the big pre-festivities (Christmas Eve), I will be chock full of holiday cheer on the blog. So prepare yourself, the holiday posts are coming!


  1. Beautifully said and so true something about Christmas its so cheering and magical.

  2. I'm in the Christmas spirit too! I can't wait to see your posts girl! Woot Woot!