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Monday, December 23, 2013

After months of working on it/keeping it under wraps I finally caved! I was going to refresh it just before the new year, but simply could not keep it to myself any longer! Between the refreshed colors and adorable organization, I simply had to share it with you guys! My favorite part? The 'About' page which gives a little insight into the creation of the blog (and its name). 

Not only is it shiny and new but also accessible by it's own .COM domain now (! Too tired to type in all of that vintage glamour loveliness? You can also reach the blog at a shorter link:, and give your puppies a rest!

Make sure to follow me on all of my lovely social platforms (as show at stage left under 'Connect') or say hello/ let me know how much you love the new layout :)

I've got big plans in store for the new year and cannot WAIT to share them with you! But, until then, let's finish up 2013 with a bang, shall we?

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