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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I want to explore. I want to be carefree, but not so much that I'm careless. I want to dream of big things and make things and, most importantly, make things happen. I want to go out with people that I love and meet new people I could love. I want to make more time for things other than work and home and be so busy that unhappiness doesn't stand a chance of catching up. I want caramel macchiatos to fuel dates with friends that last hours on end, not pacify me on bad mornings. I want laughter and fun without a thought given to bad days. I want to learn and grow in all parts of my life and build back up the great things in my life that have eroded away over thee past year. I want to start caring about myself enough to know that bad things do not make a good person-- not negative feelings, junk food, or bad relationships. I want to rediscover the world. This year I'm really going to soul search and find the one elusive quality I have been lacking for far too long in my life: passion. What am I passionate about? What drives me? What is my life about other than work and home? Than building my days around others?

So this year I'm doing something I don't think I've ever done: I'm putting me first. Because, after all, how can I hold up everyone else if I can't even hold up myself?

To drinking more celebratory champagne, creating new, positive habits, and thinking happy thoughts in 2014!

Faithfully yours,

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