christmas wishlust.

While yesterday's wishlist wasn't too long, my lusting-after list is an entirely different story. What can I say, coveting expensive things outside of my poor girl budget has become the norm! The worst part? Most of them are pretty practical... Oh, if money were no option!

What big ticket item are you lusting after this holiday season? Let me know I'm not alone in a comment!


  1. Which Clarisonic did you want? I got the Mia for about $69 off Ebay, it's worth a shot to see if you can find the one you want cheaper.

  2. Cool wishlist I call it the luxe its up there. Ipad air great thing to get if there was only one thing you could pick.

  3. Love the shoes :)

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    The Cutielicious

  4. Hi Corrine,

    Fabulous list of Christmas wishes and hope you get some lovely gifts.
    This year I am hoping for a pushbike.
    Happy day

  5. cute shoes.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. The Christmas posts are coming right up.

  6. i wouldn't mind any of these! hahaha i love those party pumps corinne. they definitely exclaim, lets get this party started. hahaha

  7. ah, neat list... I haven't thought about what I would want, a vacation with the whole family sounds nice...

  8. At least dreaming is totally free!:) Your wishlust is awesome Corinne, those party pumps are to die for!:) Have a lovely day, kisses! xo

  9. I love how you put this collage together, so cute! I want those pretty pumps and the clarisonic. tried to follow you with GFC but it sends me to an unavailable page for some reason. I appreciate your opinion on my last post, have a great Friday doll!

  10. Great wishlist, those pumps look so cute. :)

    Keep in touch,

  11. Haha the big ticket item on my wish list is a gorgeous pair of 300 dollar satin trousers from JCrew. Read: no one is going to buy me a pair of pants for that much money. Maybe one day... :)