a study in pink{eye}.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I was MIA last week on a count of a week's vacation that I was either using or losing. So I packed my bags and and headed to my cutie great Aunt Judy's new place in Connecticut for a few days of shopping and relaxing. Unfortunately, only 24 hours after arriving-- and on our first shopping date in ages-- I got pink eye. Literally, we're in the middle of shopping at this total dreamboat of a mall by her house and I had to rush passed all of these amazing stores and straight to Urgent Care. I've never had this ailment before so it was definitely an experience. In short: a total, disgusting nightmare. 

But I'm practically 100% at this point and my monster eye has gone away. On top of a day of great shopping that we got in after I got meds, I also got to see my great aunt and uncle.We had 2 nights of late night chats over coffee that ended around midnight; it really was lovely, despite the gross pink setback. 

And here I am! Back from the dead (and with both eyes to see out of)! Have you missed me as I have missed you? :) 

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