happy harley-ween!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I've come to realized that I probably put more thought into my Halloween costumes compared to other people. Growing up, Halloween was the day of the year in my family. I remember spending tons of time thinking about what I wanted to be, buying/making a costume, and totally transforming on the day of. My parents would get a kick out of making us act the part-- which may explain why costumes (and, in regular, everyday life, outfits) have a transformational effect on me.

And I simply had to get Mr. Joj in on the action-- ahem, I mean, Mistah J!
This adorable outfit was custom made by the sweet shop owner of La Marmota Cafe! If your small pet wants to get in on some Halloween action, she's the lady for the job! She even went as far as to make Joj the Joker's hair but I didn't want to press my luck with him ;)

Hope your Halloweenie festivities are as fun as mine were!

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