apple picking.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last weekend Frank & I got our friends together to go apple picking. Despite the fact that we were told there were no apples on the trees (I wish I were kidding), we discovered some on our walk along the orchard--and left with our bag filled enough for 2 pies and then some.

Mike & Michelle
Jenny and Joe spotting some apples for me to take down.
There were barrels of rotten apples around the orchard for the taking, or in this case, throwing.
Gratuitous couple-under-tree picture of me & Frank
We found some!!
Jack trying out his apple tossing skills
 Diana & I
Frank & Joe
Jack & I do this thing where we must take a picture on an apple tree whenever we applepick
Joe joined us

Andrew & Diana!
Anthony, Domenica, Joe, & Melanie
Apples & pears galore!

And a very important note!

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