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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I saw 'Wicked' with Jack the other night (less than a week after seeing The Wizard of Oz 3D; what can I say, we were on a roll) and the show absolutely charmed me. I've had the soundtrack on repeat since Friday & am still starstruck from meeting Lindsay Mendez {Elphaba} and the absolutely amazing Alli Mauzey {Glinda} after the show! They were both phenomenal and I am already dying to see it again.
Although I saw the show for the first time 6 years ago, it definitely did not have the impact on me that it currently does: these days I have a certain affinity for green and black-- and it's slowly taking over my wardrobe. It all started with a pair of amazing shoes that I simply had to have... that's never a good start, is it?
Here are a few wicked things that I simple adore:
Clockwise: Vince Camuto Callea Pumps | Black Chiffon Maxis | Fly Girl: Behind the Scenes of Wicked with Lindsay Mendez | Pointy witch nails for pointing at pretty girls in pigtails

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