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Monday, September 23, 2013

My trip to San Fran last weekend was definitely an experience! Not only did I travel alone (at crazy times, surprisingly without a problem) but I also got to play tourist for a few days. The few hours difference definitely had me sleepy as the night scene was just starting and had me not wanting to do one of the major things I had traveled for work to do: eat. But! I pulled it off and stuffed my face (begrudgingly) for a few nights. Woah is me, right?
I can now say that I've walked across the Golden Gate Bridge (that bad boy above), been to a man made island (better known as Treasure Island), went across the Bay Bridge at night at 60+ mph on the top of a double-decker bus and lived to tell the tale, and know what walking up those ridiculous hills feel like.
At the Moon Festival in Chinatown
Washington Square Park which is not shaped like a square & has a statute of Ben Franklin in the center... yeap.

A pretty carousel I was tempted to ride at Pier 29

Fresh out of the oven at Uncle Vito's Pizzeria
Adorable attention-loving sea lions who have made a home at the Pier

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