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Thursday, August 22, 2013

My new (old) favorite shoes was a pair of tan hand-me-down penny loafers I'd received from my shoe-loving aunt. I'd already deemed them my go-to fall shoe when suddenly the bottom of one of them gave out in the middle of me walking. Just like that!
I have already started searching out the perfect replacement but have yet to make a decision on which kind to go with: leather, patent leather, suede, platform, black, brown, maroon, matte, brown stitching, black stitching-- and let's not even start on the different brands--- the options seem endless! Here are a few contenders I can imagine throwing on with a pair of skinny jeans and a comfy, over-sized (preferably striped) sweater:

1. June Loafer | 2. June Loafer in Camelot | 3. Monas | 4. 'Sculptured 65 College' Penny Loafer Pump | 5. Bass Penny Loafer

Which pair of pennies do you prefer?

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