my weekend.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello readers! I feel like it has been ages! Ages since I put pen to paper! Ages since my sentences made sense! I feel like I'd been stuck in slow motion during a race and now, finally, got out of my haze and caught up.
It's been a very hard 8 months or so and, it seems, the world just keeps on going even if I'm not! Life is one big game of hide & seek and I haven't exactly established my hiding place yet. But it's moving along and I'm SO glad to be back (and to have you reading, of course)! Ready or not!
I spend this past weekend with the boyfriend doing errands, having an at home-theater double features (Iron Man 2 and The Great Gatsby), stuffing our faces with awfully good (but regrettable) burgers from Five Guys, and spending as much time lazying about as possible. It was a faaantastic end to a week away-- but also painful to come home to a messy room, laundry, and a ton of to-do's! Sunday dread always finds its way of butting in! Hahah!

What were you guys up to this weekend? 

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