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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday, so I took a day off of work & spent it chilling out with the boyfriend. We intended to do a french macaroon breakfast but, it being a Monday & much to my dismay, the bakery was closed. I was a little bummed but totally forgot about it the second we stumbled upon this row of badass Vespas near the train station. What a find! I simply had to take advantage of the opportunity!

And, on top of my day being made great by so many amazing people in my life (my amazing friends & fam really went all out throughout the entire day), Frank got the news (as we were walking about) that he is officially starting the Police Academy next Monday! I could not be more proud (or less surprised); I did not doubt for a second that he would be hired and they are very lucky to be having him! After years studying in college and playing the waiting game for civil service, it's all finally here! He will be sworn in on Friday morning amongst the people of our town (&, of course, me)! I am SO unbelievably proud! 

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