the mean reds.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Truth be told my lack of updates has been attributed to quite a few things.
In short, I have been experiencing what Holly Golightly refers to as the mean reds.
It's been a difficult past few weeks, to be honest, which explain the lack of updates. Between family, work, one of my kitties getting very sick, and my lack of time trying to balance everything, I haven't had much time to sleep easy. But I've taken a bit of time to regroup, get back on track, and am getting back into life again (slowly but surely). Sometimes life attacks you all at once and it's easy to forget who you are and that there is more to life than wanting to crawl under the covers and sleep it all away (which beat out writing energetic, inspired entries and spending hours messing around in Photoshop).
But I'm getting back to myself. And so will this blog. Pinky swear it! 

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