Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's a sad day in CE&TH history. On Monday my poor kitty, Moosh, passed away. He fought a good fight against kidney failure over the past few months and is now with the big ham in the sky.

We rescued Moosh a little over 7 years ago from the back of my apartment building. My dad would feed a lot of kittens that lived outside outside and Moosh would wait to be fed everyday at the same time, underneath his truck.  After a few months of getting friendly and becoming his buddy, my dad took him & his kitten siblings to the vet to get homes, and took the tiny orange tabby back home to our house. He was, as I liked to call him over the years, the cowardly lion. The second he heard anything, he'd run and hide under the bed-- and that was only if he had come out at all (he spent the first 2 years hiding under my parents bed 90% of the time). Next to my black cat Spooky, Moosh was a pudgepot, following my dad into the kitchen for late night snacks, eating every 20 minutes or so, and begging for "ham" whenever he got the chance (his meows would morph into "ham" whenever we'd open the fridge). His favorite place for the past few years was atop the windowsill, where he's made a few birdfriends, or in between my parents late at night (taking up most of the bed, mind you). We'd spent years trying to pick him up, only to have him squeal like a pig and fight it, although sometimes he let us and you'd almost felt like you'd been honored to have him let you do it.  I'll miss his monkey-esque meows and running away from Jojo (despite being 3x bigger than him). Over the past few months I'd say goodbye to him in the morning and kiss him hello in the evening, so it's going to be particularly hard to not do that anymore. Even though he was sick and very skinny and lacking energy, his tail would still go crazy every time I'd talk to him-- kind of letting me know he was still hanging on in there. Now he's up there now with the big ham in the sky, probably feasting away-- and I couldn't feel more at ease knowing that he is no longer in pain.
We love you, Moosh, and will miss you everyday. Thanks for being such a great kitty these past 8 years<3

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