Friday, June 21, 2013

Between the New York City humidity and my blow dryer making me look like a wolf, I find my hair looking a hot mess by lunchtime. Wednesday was my anniversary with Frank so I decided to look up a blow-dry bar and, low & behold, found one with availability only a few blocks away. I grabbed Diana, put my disgraceful hair in a sock bun, and headed to DryBar (aka Gwyneth Paltrow's blow dry salon).
If you guys have never been to a "blow-dry bar," it is basically a salon-type establishment that washes your hair and styles it to your liking (whether blow-drying it first and styling your tresses or styling your hair as they blow-dry. Yep, you heard right-- I had no idea that was even possible). They don't cut or color, just blow-dry. Better known as a the working woman's best friend!
We arrived to this adorable gray and yellow location looking and feeling very blah.

{sad faces & all!}
After looking over their "lookbook" I decided on the Cosmo dry, describing to my stylist that I wanted bouncy, sexy curls for the evening. She then examined my hair, chatted a bit about what I wanted, and headed to the sink. The wash was seriously no joke; more like a wash + head massage in one! We returned to the seat & she began working away on styling my wet tresses as I watched 'Easy A' on their very nice TV. All of the gals who worked there checked every 20 minutes or so if Diana & I wanted anything (she was getting her locks done right next to me). An hour or so later we emerged, giggly, refreshed, & looking quite adorable!

{excuse the lack of makeup} 
The process was more of a pampering than a usual salon trip, and we definitely left with a little spring in our step. Overall, the experience was nice and very practical for someone who needs to get ready for a night out (on lunch), or even a quick hair refresh. I've never felt so put together that night & thought that they did a fantastic job in creating such a fun atmosphere.

Have you guys ever been to a blow-dry bar? Let me know in a comment!

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