where have i been?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So much has been going on that I just don't have a clue where to begin. Work is picking up and I feel like the days go by so quickly that by the time I come home I am beat, unable to do anything other than lie in bed until I can't keep my eyes open any longer. Last night was particularly difficult-- tossing and turning has become a nightly routine that I simply cannot break, and morning coffees have multiplied.

Speaking of, Frank has gotten me addicted to Nespresso coffee. He just received his machine in the mail and we must have had 7 coffees on Saturday alone. He had off- which was a splendid change of pace. We spent the morning with Jay Gatsby (which I feel I need to see again to really decide if I like it or love it), went home and slept through a thunderstorm, and saw Iron Man in the evening. Before we knew it, our weekend was over, finished off with warm milk and cookies (my new favorite before-bed snack).

Sunday was spent running errands (with me picking up a few items for myself-- I simply could not resist this adorable blazer) and preparing everything for Monday before Game of Thrones came on TV (Frank & I have a Sunday ritual that consists of dinner & GoT). I also busted out my Marc by Marc Jacob mouse flats that I bought last week (after 7 years of want); they held up well during my 3 hour shopping spree very well (could not be happier)!

At the moment I am freezing my booty off at work in NYC (Mother Nature had me hot as anything on Friday when I wore a sweater and freezing yesterday wearing an oxford shirt). I have been dreaming of blog shoots and entries lately, but just haven't had the time during those few moments of beautiful weather-- and it makes me feel quite horrible!
Just know that I am thinking of this blog-- and you guys! You have not been forgotten & neither has CE&TH! I (& entries) should be back in full swing as soon as I can (but no later than next week. Pinky promise). 

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