top 5 tuesday.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

It's been a while, ladies & gents, so I thought I would take this entry to catch you up on what I've been dying over these days.

1. Chuck Bass

One day, upon stepping into the New York City streets, I realized that 1 thing was missing from my life: Chuck Bass. His passion for Blair Waldorf, his power, his big hidden heart, his wardrobe made up entirely of suits. Clearly Gossip Girl needs to get back onto my iPod stat! Would it be totally cliche if I watched it every morning on my way to the city?

2. Lana Del Ray

Lana has since replaced Marina (although she is still my number 1) on my daily Spotify playlist. Her voice is so different, strange even, but in a pretty (& addictive) way. 'Young and Beautiful' and 'Body Electric' have been on repeat for days now & I still can't get enough. Despite a few lyrics that make you do a double take, she really is worth a listen.

3. White Jeans

I am so obsessed that I went to Ann Taylor on my lunch break, tried on a pair of cropped jeans (yeap, we've come to this: cropped jeans for the average lady have become this petite girl's best friend) for size & promised myself to take the plunge the millisecond they go on sale (fit like a glove!). At least I'm exercising some restraint, right?

4. The Great Gatsby
From the amazing soundtrack to the trailers that make my heart sink and my mouth drool over Leonardo DiCaprio (he is a grown up version of --as I like to call him-- 90's Leo), if this movie proves to be a total bust this weekend, I may just cry. Real. Freaking. Tears.

5. Marilyn Curls

It is taking everything in me to resist chopping off my locks and rocking a perfectly coiffed Marilyn-do. Decisions, decisions!
Bring me back into the loop-- what are you guys obsessing over?
Let me know in a comment!

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