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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hi everyone! I'm Diana (you may know me from here & here) & I am so excited to be guest blogging today! I am a little nervous as I've been reading Corinne's blog every week and the thought of writing something for it makes me giddy with excitement. I just wanted to share a little bit about my fashion obsession with all of you and Corinne, amazing as always, agreed to let me steal "Cat eyes and thigh highs" for a little while.

So here it goes:

You know how some girls want to have a closet full of shoes? Or a wall with shelves for tens of bags?  I have always wanted to have a closet for watches. I could wake up every morning and pick the perfect one for each perfect day.
I am not sure when the obsession started but I am pretty sure it was early on. The watch, for me, growing up seemed to be a sign of sophistication and elegance that went unspoken. Like the missing piece to a puzzle. The thing your outfit needed but you just couldn't put your finger on it. Adding a watch always changed the way I saw a person. It was a way of showing professionalism and class just with the help of a little accessory.

The first time I saw one was on my dad's wrist. It sat there majestically and it did not leave his hand until bed time.
It guided him day after day and I wanted to have one almost immediately.
From the time I got to pick my first one in a local market in Bucharest, I knew shopping for watches would become a passion.

Since that plastic, black watch I'd like to think my watches have evolved. Maybe not my purchases but at least my taste.

I believe in watches that talk about you as a person. You could be the most soft spoken girl ever and yet rock a kick ass boyfriend watch on your tiny wrist like nobody else. A watch should not only match what you wear but who you are. It should match what you want to think of when you look at it. Much like underwear, the perfect watch can make you feel different almost instantly.

There are people out there that argue that cellphones are eliminating the need for an actual watch. Wrong! The watch is so much more than a way of telling time. It's a fashion statement and it has no expiration date. It's up there with the thigh highs and the satin pjs. Sure you don't need them, but they make you feel special.

In my never-ending quest for watches I stumbled upon one that I fell in love with. After hours of debate and incessant complaining (Corinne was a good sport and put up with all of this), I purchased it. It came in on Monday and I was so excited to see it, mostly because it would have been the perfect start to my week that had already gone so bad. I opened like a kid on Christmas day, only to be disappointed because they sent me the wrong watch! There's nothing worse than a failed order. So for all you fashionistas out there, if you see this watch
be a friend and tell me. I will forever be looking for it.

From a diehard watch fan to all of you reading this, the next time you go shopping look for a watch, put it on and let it work its magic. Try a couple, see which one fits you and keep it on for a day. See if it makes a difference. Don't take my word for it, but don't give up on them. And never ever just buy one because it was the first one you saw! :)

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