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Monday, April 29, 2013

I love stumbling upon fabulous fashion-- whether via Pinterest, Tumblr, or any random websites/blogs I go on. But lately I've found myself stumbling upon the same fashionista. For the past few months I have been repinning/reblogging pictures of Ulyana Sergeenko without even realizing it. She is a Russian couture designer/lover of fashion and I am absolutely smitten with everything about her. From her daily (yes, you heard right) outfit changes to her impeccable style, I am, needless to say, obsessed. She is usually found outside of fashion shows posing (sometimes for hours) and looking dramatic in her latest jaw-dropping ensemble--and, as far as I've seen, can do absolutely no wrong. Behind each outfit is some kind of inspiration, some fashion-fueled passion that just pours out of the photographs and I absolutely adore it. I want her entire closet and the secret behind her amazing transformational ways.

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