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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Every once and a while, my love for Dorothy Gale/ Wizard of Oz pops out of my head and into my wardrobe. I've spent the past few days pinning blue gingham dresses to my want list on Pinterest and have now branched off into different colors and wardrobe pieces. Nothing like gingham to bring in spring. Although I haven't made a checkered purchase just yet, I have made it a goal to have a WoO themed photoshoot before the end of 2013. Check out some of my favorite Dorothy redux below: 

1. KSNY Gingham Addison Dress | 2. Marilyn Monroe Sleeveless Gingham-Print A-Line | 3. Miu Miu Silk Taffeta Gingham Dress - Resort 2012 | 4. Trashy Diva Hottie Mini Dress

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