the streets of italia.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lately Italia has been on my mind (& the fact that I probably won't be going there again anytime soon), and seeing these amazing Dolce & Gabbana ads whilst catching up on my Harper's Bazaar subscription only made my heart sink a little bit deeper. Their images not only remind me of the small mountain town I visited in Italy a few years ago, but it probably is the town I visited in Italy, that's how dead on the campaign is. The old women in black, the stone architecture, the celebrations, the hand gesticulating and exclaiming over anything and everything-- that is what Calabria and its people are all about. And each shot reminds me of a different aspect of my trip: the marketino stand, the celebration in the streets, and the restaurant that mirrors one I went to on my first timethere-- it really, truly is uncanny. I found myself checking each campaign shot a little bit more to see if maybe I'd walked down one of those same streets. If there is any ad campaign that captures the essence of a country (or at least of a small town of a country), it's D&G.

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