not all jeans are created equal: gap.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I had never tried on a pair of Gap jeans, so a few weeks ago I ventured over to their 34th Street store in an attempt to find the perfect pair of jeans. I tried on a gorgeous pair of their Ultra Skinny jeans, but, due to their lack of petite sizes in store, eventually decided to order online to get a shorter inseam and a little bit more of a selection. I ended up purchasing their 1969 Legging Skinny Jean in San Clemente Blue & Surfside Blue instead. I've been really trying to find a pair of true bluejeans and the San Clemente seemed like it would be perfect, and the Surfside blue was just too pretty to pass up-- along with a 25" inseam I was convinced that these would be the victor in my jean challenge. Check out the pics & verdict... after the cut!

The Verdict: Gap 1969 Legging Skimmer Jean
Legging, Shmegging
Inseam (25"): Too long by a few inches, even with pumps (it is either an inaccurate inseam or I'm a gremlin)
Stretch: Not enough for a legging-- this is the factor that did them in for me
Material: Light weight
Sizing Accuracy: Very accurate
Worth a buy if: you're into skinny jeans that have little elastic/stretch in them

I love a jean that hugs all the right places, and this pair just didn't cut it, despite the fact that it is a "legging  jean." Both colors were very pretty, though--San Clemente was a true bluejean (very 1970s) & Surfside Blue was a periwinkle with purple undertones, which would be gorgeous for spring. I would have gladly overlooked the fact that they were a few inches too long and lived in them if they were a bit more stretchy (particularly in the butt/thigh area) and didn't make me look I had a saggy behind.

And so the quest continues!
Where is your favorite pair of skinny jeans from? Or where do you think I should venture to next? Let me know in a comment!

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