not all jeans are created equal: delia*s, part deux

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am proud to announce that I am the proud owner of a pair of jeans that fit (generally) very well! And while my quest is not entirely over, I thought that a little victory dance was due considering how ridiculous jean shopping has been over the past few weeks-- so yay!
{these jeans are so amazing that they distract from my complete lack of makeup!}

After experiencing my first jean misfortune at dELiA*s with their very un-skinny-fied Morgan jean, I decided to buy a pair of their Taylor Super Skinnies online in their 26" inseam. I wasn't expecting much (especially after trying on so many pairs from all different brands that claimed the same size inseam) and was actually really excited when I pulled them on up and they actually fit! As in nothing-trailing-on-the-ground fit. I'll admit, they are a little loose around my hips, but I am not sure that it is significant enough to go a whole size down (& these are a 3/4 to begin with). I'm hoping that after a wash they get a little tighter up top. But overall I am over the moon about them (so much that on the night they arrived I ripped off the tags & wore them right out of the house)! dELiA*s has officially redeemed themselves in my book and I finally have a new pair of jeans that fit.

The Verdict: dELiA*s Taylor Super Skinny jean in Faded Sandstone
Inseam (26"): Absolutely perfect!
Stretch: Could use a teeny bit more, but I am hoping a wash will revitalize the stretch a little bit
Material: Light to medium weight
Sizing Accuracy: Totally all over the place (I advise going in-store & getting a guesstimate of what size you are around & then buying a few different pairs online)
Worth the buy if: you were a fan of their old Morgan skinny jean

If you are a petite lady looking for skinnies, these guys are totally worth the try/buy!

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