happy {i swear i am not dead} Friday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

No updates all week except on Monday-- ladies & gents of the blogosphere, my sincerest apologies. I promise, I am alive & well-- just a little off-kilter. I don't know if it's the change in season (spring is, apparently, here but Mother Nature tells me otherwise) or just a mid-March slump but I have been spending the past 2 weeks feeling exhausted and totally unproductive. Apparently I need more than 1 day a week not getting out of bed. I feel a little alive today and am hoping that the upcoming warmer weather will snap me out of it (or maybe having more responsibility at work {Diana has gone to our office in India for a week to present!} will kick my ass into high gear). Either way, I'm soo over not updating and/or being alive! More posts next week-- I pinky promise!
{If it weren't for this HK mug & the coffee within, life would be a little more painful today}
Have a fantastic weekend, guys! 

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