aunt judy.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I have always been close with my (great) Aunt Judy {although you'd never be able to tell her actual age}. I spent most of my childhood down at her house making food, watching day soap operas, and talking for hours on end about everything humanely possible. Without a doubt, she is my soulmate--the perfect young soul counterpart to my own old soul.
She is in the process of moving out from the building just next to mine, and just so happened to stumble upon all of the amazing pictures from her past. I spent about 2 hours freaking out with her over all of them; not only was she adorable & as much of a spitfire as she is today, she was definitely an amazing fashionista way ahead of her time!

This is the 1950s, mind you, & she is rocking a bubble hem shift dress.

Not her wedding dress but an AMAZING bridesmaids dress. To. Die.

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