valentine's day weekend.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This past weekend the boyfriend & I decided to escape a few towns over to the Ritz-Carlton for a night. It was a lot of fun to do something a little more luxurious than usual-- and the boyfriend made sure to go all out. Not only did we get chocolate covered strawberries & a bottle of champagne upon arrival, but he treated me to an almost 4 hour spa treatment that consisted of a signature pedicure, facial, and Swedish massage. I have never felt so pampered and so relaxed in all of my life (& at the perfect time-- this past week was brutal). I enjoyed each of these hour-long luxuries in the Ritz's plushy robe and slippers, relaxed in their spa lounge in between treatments whilst snacking, flipping through mags, and drinking their refreshing citrus-infused water, and had probably the nicest people on Earth take care of me. It was my first time receiving a full spa treatment and I can not rave enough about how great it was. I am thoroughly convinced that every woman should do it every few months-- such a great escape!
After my pampering, we dressed for our dinner reservations at the Steakhouse downstairs, where we received the most attentive service, probably of all time, and began our morning with another big first-- room service!
Overall, it was so much fun and the people were so genuinely nice (even so early in the morning & late at night). The pictures from below do not do the Ritz justice-- if it was up to me, I'd have lived there!

It was Frank's first time at a hotel but you'd never know it (this is literally 10 minutes after we arrived)  
We returned from dinner to find this:  
Mandatory in-hotel-robes picture! {I wanted to live in these things!}
The next morning...


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